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Monday, July 17, 2006

Video of Otto Berkes talking about Origamis

GottaBeMobile has published a news about a video of Otto Berkes talking about Origamis and the future of these devices that I never have seen before.


  1. Hello, Ctitanic !

    I have some news of TabletKiosk, this day.

    Do you know that ?

    "...We will be releasing a Port replication box, in early august that will have all the ports of the Docking Station (USB x 2, VGA out, 10/100 Ethernet, power. This will have the same functions of the docking station, except for holding the eo v7110 in a upright position.

    ..The Docking cradle for the eo v7110 is still in development/tooling so no photos or pricing information is readily available at this time..."

    "...The extended life batteries for he eo's should arrive at our warehouse by the end of this month, at which time we will begin to immediately fulfill all backorders.

    386 Beech Ave, Suite 6
    Torrance, CA 90501...".

    Best regards !
    Jeff, from Paris (France).

  2. thanks jeff, but I'm afraid that that is old news for me :D
    About the battery, I have to contact them again because they told me that they should receive them this week.

  3. I thought well that you were well-informed.

    The Port replication box are very interesting. It is a little the same thing which a docking station, no ??

    Have you published a picture of this port replication box ?

    Best regards,

  4. As far As I know it's a docking station. So far no pictures have been published.

  5. The Port replication box is different that the docking station, according to Tabletkiosk.

  6. Now that I read again the email posted by Jeff it seems to me that yes they are talking about two different kind of accessories.

  7. Yes, Ctitanic, there are two accessories.

    The "Port replication box" will be the first, in august !!

    The tabletkiosk's mail is complete.

    Best regards,


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