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My Surface PRO 3 'Must Have' Accessories List

Monday, July 17, 2006

Two accessories for eo

According to an email from TabletKiosk posted at my blog by Jeff, from France, there are two accessories for eo coming soon:
We will be releasing a Port replication box, in early august that will have all the ports of the Docking Station (USB x 2, VGA out, 10/100 Ethernet, power. This will have the same functions of the docking station, except for holding the eo v7110 in a upright position.

The Docking cradle (station) for the eo v7110 is still in development/tooling so no photos or pricing information is readily available at this time...


  1. Amtek (who I assume are making these devices) are taking way too long to get them to market.
    A port replicator sounds like a quick-fix. A docking cradle is needed to allow the best useage between workstation and mobile device.


  2. I agree. They (Amtek) have been too busy filling things I guess.

  3. Amtek has really too busy ! With serious problems...

    The French importer, ITSLABEL, have many difficulties with them.

    Initially, they are not able to be made deliver. Moreover, their first delivery arrived only with white models !!!

    Black models also arrived but with blue dark batteries !! Like my mine !

    I asked for a change but ITS LABEL cannot be made deliver black batteries standards...

    Best regards,

  4. conclusion, if you know that a device is made by Amtek run away from them. ;)

  5. Yes, but the Origami Amtek/TabletKiosk is better than the Samsung Q1 !

    The ergonomy AMtek is fantastic !

  6. Yes, I agree. But Asus UMPC is not bad and it includes the Synaptic Mouse too, which is for me the best feature of the eo.

  7. I like the ASUS, but I would take it only if autonomy is definitely higher with standard battery.

    Including the trackpoint, the EO is perfect.

    The integrated GPS or the APN does not interest me.

    Moreover, I prefer a solid plastic box that a metal box. Origami should nothing fear and resist even the ketchup !!

    A noble metal is not a good idea for a machine any ground.

  8. According to pictures taken from the Asus the normal battery should last 2:55 hours.

  9. All Origami projects -except the Q1 !!-, have the Synaptic Mouse too, even the OQO, or even the Nokia Communicator 9500...

    The choice of Samsung is ridiculous and stupid.

    The ASUS autonomy is good. I wait to know his selling price and the weight.

  10. In regard to the mouse nub, I honestly don't miss it on my Samsung Q1. I Suppose it's all a matter of taste, really.

    It's a shame that Amtek is taking so long on that docking station; honest question here, how hard is it to make one of those? (Especially when the docking port is already built in to every production unit of theirs?)

    -- Steve

  11. Steve,

    The only possibility of judging interest of a true mouse, is to use a EO.

    Only one smiles makes it possible to use Origami by holding it with two hands, like a game console.

    Without using a stylet which obliges to hold Origami of only one hand what is very unpleasant.

    To use the touch screen in surfing, obliges to hold Origami of only one hand. It is heavy and ridiculous.

    All Origami projects -except the Q1 !!-, have the Synaptic Mouse too, even the OQO !

    Please, test a Origami (EO, ASUS, OQO...) with one true mouse ! Just to see and make you a complete opinion.

    It is not because seem you to miss nothing, that you do not need any.

    Best regards from France.

  12. Steve, The Q1 looks pretty but the buttons design sucks. What the heck is that of putting the Crt Alt Del button accessible only with a stylus? About the mouse, there is no question about it. to have it is a big plus.

  13. Hello, Ctitanic !

    Wa are the 24 july.

    Have you news from YabletKiosk for the extended battery ?

    Best regard,
    Jeff from Paris.


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