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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

New VIA Chipset Drives for eo

A new VIA Chipset Driver for eo has been released at VIA web site. The new Version 5.09A can be downloaded here. What has been changed in this update can be found here. Sorry guys but I don't see anything about the C3 state issue.


  1. thanks for the news.
    i have download it, but with what beneficts ?

  2. I installed this one to see if I could find something new, but I did not notice anything. The new video driver fixed some of the problems that I had with TEO for example.

  3. Hello,

    I am obliged to ask for the recall of my EO by ITSLABEL because of the weak autonomy.

    My EO probably belongs to the first defective series.

    Can you say to me with precision the defects that TabletKiosk recognized ?

    Thanks et Best regards.

  4. They said that some capacitors and cable where found in bad shape or bad. We did a comparison between the motherboards and we noticed some changes in elements between them. That's the main reason why they had to change the whole unit for a new one to each client.

  5. Thank you very much, Cititanic.

    Dou you knows the number of EO recall by TabletKiosk ?

    Have copy of eventual official letter of Tabletkiosk for all users ?

    Thanks again.

  6. the official letter was posted here. Use the google search selecting this blog and look for "recall".

  7. about how many were recalled nobody knows. Probably a number between 200 to 500 units.

  8. For information, I have not results with Notebook Hardware Control... : always 1h25/1h30 with brightness at 25 % and Wifi on.

    I am desappointed.

  9. You have to ask for a recall. You have one year warranty so they have to fix it. You can show them links to post of other owners that report around 2 hours with WiFi on and brightness at 25%.

  10. Ok Cititanic,

    I found the TabletKIosk letter, thanks on your blog.

    Last question : TabletKiosk is not a manufacturer, only US and Australia distributor for AMtek ?

    In France, the Origami AMtek is distributed in white or black by ITSLABEL and the sale is very limited since beginning of July, no in shops but only by Internet for 990 EUR or 1.190 EUR (40 or 60 Go with 512 RAM, http://www.itslabel.com).

    For the moment, there is no plan of recall.

    The first black models delivered to ITSLABEL by AMtek arrived with batteries dark blue, by error. The replacement is in progress but takes time : no disponibility of black batterys...

  11. Monday, I will ask for the recall.

    The problem is that there is not in France of organisation as. The purchasers of EO in France must be that a few tens.

  12. That's correct. TabletKiosk is a distributor in USA, Spain, UK, and Australia as far as I know.

  13. Last news from TabletKiosk this friday :

    Black extended battery only at the end of august !!

    "...We're sorry to dissapoint you - however all of our retail partners have recieved only White units - Therefore we have placed a priority to deliver these batteries first. Black batteries are currently schedualed to ship from China at the end of Aug...".


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