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Monday, June 18, 2007

TIP does not perform well. . .

 This is why a better processor is needed.

when using the TIP, the recognition is great but when writing on the TIP. I get a serious lag in the TIP registering my characters.

the ink lags in showing up as I reach the end of the TIP when writing.

I did not see this on my four year old HP TC 1100 Tablet Running- vista ultimate.

I have tried running it full performance in battery modes but the problem persists.

could it be that outlook is running and taking up a lot of resources.

I will appreciate any ideas to eliminate this?

The above comment was posted at Origami Project by a Q1U owner. I had the same problem in my eo v7110 but I never have seen it in my Q1. What this tells me? Processor, processor, do not look in anywhere else.

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  1. I have same problems with Asus r2h.Factory upgraded with 1.25g ram.

    I have not tried to fix it, i don't use vista on mobile computers.
    It's for destops.

  2. JKK, you know better than me that Asus used a cheap Celeron in their R2H. No Cache at all. From all the first generation using Intel the Asus R2H was the slower one.

    Vista was made for tablets and UMPCs. the recognition on it is almost perfect!

  3. Actually, I see this on my Q1p with 2GB of ram. So I'm not sure if it's a processor issue or not. I do have to double check if it happens when I'm in battery mode or AC power.

  4. See the tweak forum at GBM--several of us seems to have put an end to the lag by tweaking some for performance. I have no more lag on mine with 1GB.

  5. Christian, I think that it should be on battery. That's when your Q1 is working at a lower speed. In this case the Q1 is a little better because it runs at the same speed while on battery.


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