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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Update on the 915 Graphics WDDM Vista Driver Issue

Apparently, there still some  hope in getting Aero running in the first generation of Intel based UMPCs according to this post of Josh Bancroft:

Since I posted a comment in one of the previous discussions about the 915 Graphics Vista driver issue, that I was going to talk to the graphics group about the possibility of releasing an open source and/or "beta" unofficial WDDM driver, to let you at least try to get Aero Glass, Movie Maker, and DVD Maker working in Windows Vista, you've been coming here every day to see/ask if there's been any progress. So here's an update:

I haven't talked to the graphics group yet, because I'm trying to identify the right people to talk to. That's hard in such a big company (Intel has almost 100,000 employees, and I don't work directly with anyone in the Graphics group). But I'm going to find someone, eventually.

To me, the fact or possibility of having a new driver coming soon capable of running Aero is a good news. Will I use Aero? I doubt it. All depends on the impact of it on my performance.

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