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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Q1 Ultra downgraded to XP

This brave Q1U owner has downgraded this Q1U to gain in performance.  He also installed a 2 GB module of RAM and according to him it works fine.

I just installed a Sandisk 32GB SSD in my Q1U and I performed a RAM upgrade to 2GB.  I have completed a fresh install of XP Tablet on the new HD (And it is very fast). 

Earlier in that same thread another user reported the same move:

I was severely disappointed with the performance of my Vista Q1U even after I disabled all of the eye candy.  I'm coming from an IBM T40 1.4 Ghz laptop (Pentium-M).  I decided to see how the Q1U would perform with a clean install of XP Tablet.
Surprisingly, it is very good indeed.  Much better than my laptop.  I am still hunting down drivers for the USB camera, so if anyone has any pointers for that, I'd appreciate it.  All that exists on Samsung's website is a Vista driver for it.

And there we have our friend Chippy anticipating his plans of doing the same thing.

So all these owners are willing to sacrifice the wonderful Vista Recognition for a little bit of more performance (I know that you don't sacrifice anything Chippy because you do not "ink" Winking). That's funny because I have been constantly attacked by Q1U owners when I started saying than the A110 was slow.  

So, Samsung, start selling the XP version of the Q1U soon. You will make a lot of money with that version!

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  1. Did you get everything working in XP. Can you post Links to all the drivers? Hoping to do the same. Thanks

    John A

  2. Link is invalid. Can u repost. Thanks

    John A,

  3. Can you also list the procedures to do a clean install XP into the Q1U? My Q1U-Vista slow performance just driving me crazy, and I heard too many good comments from the same device with XP install, can't wait to nuke the HD and put XP on it. Thanks

    Peter W

  4. Sorry Peter but I do not own that device.


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