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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Flybook V5i Tablet PC InkShow

 If it's a InkShow is gotta be from GottabeMobile. They just posted a video review of the Flybook v5i.

As an ultra-portable device, the Flybook V5i really shines. It is small, fast, light, and has integrated broadband support. With a Core Duo 1.2 ghz processor and 1gb of ram, the V5i should be plenty fast for those needing an ultra-portable solution. However, I was disappointed with how the V5i operated as a Tablet PC. With no hardware buttons on the screen and no palm-rejection technology, using this device in tablet mode is confining. In addition, the innovative mouse and trackstick placement is not productive for those needing to do even a little bit of keyboarding due to the constant hand motion.

I just want to add that this device is twice faster (Crystalmark around 34000) than current UMPCs (~18000) and even faster than a Fujitsu P1610 (21647) but look the price: $2700!

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