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Thursday, June 07, 2007

A heavy used Q1

I received today a very curious email from a UMPC fan that live in Europe and has been reading me for a while:

Hello Franck,

Dunno if you remember me, I'm Fred from Origaminfo.com.
Because I could not find time anymore to post news and articles on my site, I preferred to close it instead of leaving it running with old news...

It's now more than one year that I have my Samsung Q1 (upgraded to 1Gb) and I use it as my primary home computer every day, at least 2 hours daily:

- The left part of the screen has a long vertical scratch because of the scrollbars of the windows. I'm pretty happy to have installed GeckoTips to scroll the pages with Firefox Open-mouthed

- The stand in the back of the Q1 broke... I used to handle the Q1 with my left hand, putting my left thumb under the stand, but one sad day, it broke.

- The small door on the top of the Q1, protecting the CompactFlash port broke too. I use it often with a PCMCIA to CF adaptor to use my Edge PCMCIA card to connect to the Internet from anywhere (flat rate, true unlimited data access). But finally, this killed the small door.

- I lost the little round thing that close the hole of the antenna (that we don't have in US and Europe).

- and worst of all, the battery was almost dead, allowing me only 20mn of power... and believe me, it's short Smile

I bought an extended battery (see pictures).

It reminds me the Mugen Power but it's not this brand. It's a DLH battery.

It's a bit heavy and it's given for 7 to 8 hours of power... As of today, I could use it at least 6 hours without running out of power, which is more than enough for me Open-mouthed I haven't tried yet to run out of power and see how long it can last.

I bought it about $290 USD... kind of expensive.

If you have questions, ask me




And these pictures attached.

100_4665 100_4664 100_4663
100_4662 100_4661  


The 9 cell battery in the above picture is not made by Mugen Power but by Samsung and it was bought from here. What can I say. Samsung has proven to made high quality UMPCs. Just check the 3rd picture. Can you believe that this device has survived a year with this guy using it -should I say abusing it? -as his main PC every day up to the point that a battery already died on him? No doubt about it, that's what I call quality.

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  1. But if ever an app did beg for a rewrite it's FRx. We won't talk about Integration Manager. FRx at least runs on Vista.

  2. I'm on day 7 of vacation in Europe. Now I'm in Paris with my now trusty Q1 and it's holding up just fine. I've been using it in conjunction with a bluetooth GPS and Autoroute 2007 to find my way around town, upload pictures, handle email, watch TV via slingplayer from back home and type this message. It hasn't protested in the least. My son has been using it to update his Facebook stuff and my wife to listen to voicemail from back home (Vonage). In London I had wifi at the hotel and it worked fine but here I only have a cable network connection...which also works fine. Most McDonald's have wifi for the price of a drink, also, so I've been doing that when not at the hotel. All in all, this thing has proven to be a VERY well spent $700 and more than up to the task of being a "vacation computer".


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