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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Vikram takes his Q1 on vacation

Vikram Madan's Blog is one of these blogs that I have in my RSS Feed. And today his has just posted a few minutes ago an article that I would recommend to anyone planning the summer vacation.

My Q1 UMPC has pretty much become my defacto travel machine, especially for personal vacations. Gone are the days of lugging a full-sized laptop around


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  1. I'm in London on vacation right now and I'm typing this on my Q1. I'm still using Vista and I put a 2 gb RAM chip in there before I left for the UK. The hotel where I'm staying, the Americana on Gloucester Pl, has wifi and the Q1 has been working wonderfully. I brought an SD card reader with me and every day I pull the card from my phone (a Sprint phone I use as a camera) and upload the pix to a picture blog site (http://www.phlog.net/user/mgamber). I've also been using Autoroute 2007 with a Holux GPS unit to find my way around. Oh yeah...I've been here since Sunday.

    Tomorrow I leave for Paris. I understand the hotel there only has a CAT5 cable connection and I'm hoping the hotel can provide a cable. Or at least point me in the direction of a store where I can buy one.

    But the Q1 itself has been working just fine. Handling email, web browsing, catching up with local news via Slingplayer to my Slingbox back in the states, listening to the local minor league team games via Media Player...I haven't had a problem. In fact, if you're familiar with international coach seating in planes, you'll know just how much better the Q1 fits into the tiny space allotted than a full sized laptop would!


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