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Monday, June 04, 2007

Palm sold part of the company for $325M

 According to NewsFactor Business , Palm sold part of their company and has hired new guys. Do you remember what I said the last week about Palm when they released Foleo? Compare that with what Todd Kort says:

Gartner analyst Todd Kort said today's deal was "really good news" for Palm, in that it brings in "some experienced people with fresh ideas," as well as capital. He noted that, in addition to Rubinstein's background at Apple, Roger McNamee is a well-known venture capitalist and Fred Anderson is a former Apple CFO. "These are heavyweight guys," he said.

The deal comes at the right time for Palm, he said, because the Foleo announcement last week "was such a disappointment" and because the company has brought little in the way of innovative products to market in the past few years.

"My personal belief," he added, "is that these guys are shrewd enough to have known that Foleo was going to be a dud. If they thought it was going to be a huge hit, they would probably have made this announcement before Foleo was released." Actually, he suggested, Palm probably won't release another product like the Foleo now that this team is in place.

Palm was not any more that Palm that competed against Microsoft for the PDA market and I hope that these changes will help Palm to be what they were years ago, an example in innovation.

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