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Saturday, June 02, 2007

First Fujitsu UMPC Review

FUJITSU_FMV_U8240_u8240Akihabaranews just published a nice reviews about the first UMPC from Fujitsu: FMV-U8240.

. . .when it comes to the design, the U8240 certainly is not as "sexy" as a Vaio UX and this will bother those choose regarding the looks...now...if you mention ergonomics, usability and processing power there is an italian word for it: BRAVO! Because using XP this Fujitsu was smooth and enjoyable, the main issue would be this problem with the rotation of the screen and the Touch Screen (maybe because of my beta version?) but honestly if I was to choose right now, I'd take this one over a Sony Vaio UX!

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