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Thursday, June 07, 2007

TabletKiosk has released Vista Drivers for i7210

TabletKiosk  has released BETA Vista Drivers for the i7210. The bad news is that still there is not support for the SD Card slot according to what some users have commented me but I have not confirmed this part yet.

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  1. the bios flash froze my 7210. Working with TK to address. I would be very cautious.

  2. Hi, Chiefie here with my blog about i7210 and Vista BIOS/Drivers. You mentioned eGalax HID driver to alleviate Sleep/Hibernation issue, where to find this specific driver?

  3. In the right colummn of this blog, HID Drivers for Q1. That will fix the problem. Once the driver is installed, open the properties of the driver in the device manager, you will see a power tab, uncheck the only check mark on that tab.

  4. hey frank. i thought egalax's driver works in xp too? but device manager doesn't update the usb hid driver installed by ms. though tabcal works, and i got touchkit removed but now i can't "write" onto the floating tip, except tap-tap-tap on virtual keyboard on tip.

    can we use hid on xp? or we need to keep touchkit?

  5. That's the only problem I found in the i7210 after updating it using the egalax HID driver, you still need to use the floattip.exe

  6. Hey Frank (again)... using floattip.exe in XP you mean?

    Anyhow, I have gone back to TouchKit on XP :-( I will try the HID driver on Vista later tonight and see if that will be any good/improvement in Vista's SHRS.

    Also, from eGalax eMPIA site, there's beta Vista TouchKit too, should I try that? Will that work? (Anyone?)

  7. eGalax drivers for Vista at their site is not for our devices.

    I was talking about using the floattip.exe on XP.

  8. I was able to get Floating Tip using the MS built-in USB HID driver on XP, though I can't scribe on it.

    So you're saying using MS USB HID with FloatTip.exe will help?

    (I'm interested to try to get HID in XP, are you able to confirm the HID driver will work in XP, as it seems my i7210/Windows XP cannot find the suitable driver, instead it is just using plain MS USB HID driver.)

    *sorry for the constant nag*

  9. I'm talking about the eGalax HID Driver from this site, the floattip.exe, XP and Vista.

  10. I got the HID driver installed on Vista. But the calibration went real bad as if the whole touch panel is faulty. It can't even sense the right tap/point. So I can't calibrate at all.

    Uninstall it and using default MS Vista HID works fine with calibration.

    I had UAc disabled for installation too. Are you sure the driver is i7210 compatible?

  11. Yes, I'm sure that the drivers are compatible with i7210 running Vista because I have installed them in two different machines.

    1- You have to copy the shortcut I included in my file in your desktop.
    2- Once the driver is installed, using the mouse run that shortcut, calibrate.
    3- THIS IS VERY IMPORTAT POINT. Restart your PC.
    4- Calibrate again but this time using the Tablet PC icon in your control panel.

  12. I got all the way up to calibrate but the pointer isn't matching where is try on panel and hence never hit thecross where it should pin point to.

  13. That means the touchkit or the ms driver is not properly uninstalled.

  14. On positive side. I got HID working on XP without floattip.exe and Scribing is working fine. Now if only I can get it working on Vista without SHRS issue.

    Also, what else do you do with i7210 devices? Do you disable MMC/MS/SD?

  15. but no touchkit was installed on Vista, only MS USB HID.

    I did "update driver" and select "Have Disk" step. It went well then just can't tame the pointer/panel.

  16. No luck with SD controller yet.

    I'm sure that the HID works in the i7210.

    Uninstall everything again (deleting files), let the MS driver to be installed. Reinstall the HID drivers.

    If the shortcut for calibration does not work the first time try editing it and just calling tabcal.exe (but it is supposed to work in the way it's in my zip file)

  17. Ah! Finally! thanks Frank. I don't know why it works now, but it works. Strangely, I follow the steps and did as told... but it didn't work. Then earlier, I tried again and it works Though I use Start > "Tabcal" and run as Administrator (even with UAC disabled).

  18. Also, I unchecked "Allow the computer to turnoff this device to save power." in the Power Management tab. And I can "Sleep"!

    I disabled MMC/SD/MS, will try leaving Bluetooth and Camera on.

  19. I told you! Now back to your blog and write about your findings!


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