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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Q1U, AVSNow became AVSLater?

I came across this post  yesterday at OrigamiProject. At the beginning I though it was a user mistake but after a while I found that there was not any user mistake. Apparently Samsung eliminated the "almost instant on AVSNow partition" in Q1Us.

I read somewhere that the Q1U came with AVSNow that allows you to play media files without booting into Vista.
When I press the AV button on the side it just boots Vista and then runs the Windows version of AVS.
Do I take it that only the original Q1 came with AVSNow?

Well, to me that partition is a waste of HDD space because it's a closed partition where you don't have control of anything, where you can't install anything including codecs needed to play your movies and because in the way that it was configured it does not work after any RAM changes. At this moment, after upgrading my unit to 2 GB of RAM, it's not longer working in my Q1. And in one year, I think that I have opened around 5 times and the majority of the times to try to fix it. One of the reasons why I have not used is because I always have my unit in hibernation and the only way to use AVSNow is turning the Q1 Off and then turning on the AVSNow. Coming back from hibernation to show pictures or watch a movie takes almost the same time than if you log into AVSNow instant on partition.

So, the elimination of the AVSNow partition seems to me a good move, but leaving the name AVSNow to refer to something that's not AVSNow sounds to me like a misleading. Or putting it simple, a lie. They should have named the new feature AVSLater.

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