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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC InkShow

If we are talking about Inkshow we are talking about Gottabemobile, on of the best and trusted source of information for TabletPC Owners and UMPC Owners, they posted a video review aka inkshow of the Q1 Ultra.

My conclusions?  Well..., performance with the 800mhz processor under Vista was a major negative for me.  There was not a consistent snappy feel to things, and I never seemed to know when that "drag" would appear.  I like the look and feel of the machine in my hands, but there are a few "gotchas" in there that make this not a machine I will want to insert into my tech arsenal.  You'll have to watch the show to find out more!  It is a nice machine that I am quite sure will have a loyal following, especially with those who have already integrated a UMPC into their lives. These machine are expected to show up in retail at places like Best Buy, Costco, etc...

I know that many of you, including my dear friends Chippy and JKK keep saying that McCaslin is ok. But it is not. At least when you are running Vista. I feel Vista heavy in a Celeron at 900 MHz which is not stepped down at any moment, including while working on battery. So at 800 MHz it should be even slower. It's true that the video chip in the Ultra is a little better but check Vista Performance Score, the 915 gets 1.9 while the 945 gets 2. Also is very well known that many users were able to run Aero in machines using the 915, that tells me one thing, the 945 is not a lot better than the 915 from the point of view of performance.


McCaslin could be an option when you need battery but no when you want both battery and performance, no when you want performance. And it's no good when you want Vista. Samsung was smart enough to see that was completely stupid to sell a device at 600 MHz running Vista, and I really believe from the deep on my heart that it's completely stupid to try to run Vista in a 800 MHz A110. I'm even thinking that a VIA C7M at 1.2 Ghz probably would do a better job. But that's just my speculation because unfortunately I'm not sponsored by VIA neither Samsung to have both machines side by side and test that. The only things that I have are the reports and benchmarks from now a lot of sources saying the same thing, the A110 is slow. (Correction: Well, I just checked again my Amtek T770 review and from there I can say one thing, VIA C7M at 1200 GHz has almost the same performance than the A110. The only difference in both processors is that the A110 supports Aero and the C7M does not).


One more thing, I'm not saying, do not buy machines with A110, what I'm saying is that that processor is slow. That if you need speed, good performance, you have either wait for the next generation of processors to be released by Intel next year or buy one of the devices for the first generation. If you buy from the first generation be aware that some of those machines are locked to a lower speed when they run on battery. I'm talking about the i7210 and i7209, and probably the Q1p too. Be aware also that the R2H Celeron is a cut version with a very small cache or none cache (I can remember exactly now) so it's a little be slower than the other Celeron machines from the first generation.


Of course, I wont post these comments at Origami Forum, you can imagine the reasons. Wink 

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  1. And for people who want a "vistagami", which one is more speedy, the Via or the A110 :)
    I'll wait anyway for the US702 :D

  2. Well, I just checked again my Amtek T770 review and I can tell you one thing, VIA C7M at 1200 GHz has almost the same performance than the A110.

    But, keep in mind that the C7M does not support Aero.

  3. This whole experience does prove something....Vista is not a good operating system for a UMPC. People are switching to XP on the Q1 Ultra already and getting some encouraging resutls.

    Also note that Dennis did not optimise Vista.

    Its Vista that is the problem slowing down things for the user, not the platform.


  4. While I agree with you that XP runs better on UMPC and of course will do a better job in Q1 Ultra, that to me does not change the fact that the A110 performs at the same level than the C7M.

    I'm repeating. I need performance, I do not care about battery life because I can switch batteries, I can use a battery bank or I can just connect the device to power if I run out of options. But what I can't do is to increase the performance of any device or processor once it's optimized. This is why for me is more important performance than battery.

  5. You could be right. The A110 could perform at the same level as the C7-M.

    I'd love to see XP the A110 before I device though.


  6. for 'device' read 'decide' in the last comment!

  7. Chippy, do not worry, I know what happens when you use the XP recognition software ;) hahahahaha :D


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