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Monday, June 25, 2007

DIY Q1 Ultra 2GB RAM Upgrade

Hugo has prepared a really good video about how to upgrade the Q1U RAM.

I know that upgrading the Q1 Ultra with a 2gig stick of RAM really caught a lot of attention last week. Because many of you want to do this yourself but don't know how as promised I thought I would post a quick "how to" video.


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  1. Hi Hugo. Thanks for the great instruction video. I've upgraded my Q1U to 2Gb and it is flying! Onl rouble is that my AVNow insant-on media player has stopped working. Do you have any tips? I have seen something about pressing F8 from a USB keybor to enter the AVNw setp but it does't work for me. Thanks. Kevin

  2. As far as I know there is not, any fix when you upgrade to 2 Gb.

  3. helo hugo, i have done this upgrade and the device boots into windows but keeps restarting, is there a setting i must change in the bios?


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