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Monday, June 04, 2007

Q1 Ultra/Slow Review

This is a really controversial review. First of all, it's the typical "without keyboard is not good" type of review, secondly it makes you believe that the Q1 Ultra is the perfect machine to, by the end complain about the bad performance of these machines.

Before you think this unit is perfect, there is one important aspect that hasn’t been covered yet: speed! The higher end unit runs an 800 MHz “Genuine Intel” processor. The lower end unit runs a 600 MHz processor. I don’t know how anybody could handle the lower end units because at 800 MHz, this unit is slow. When I say slow, I mean as slow as watching a clock and waiting for a minute to go by. This unit is even slower than the original Q1 unit.

Well, when I read the part when he said that the Q1 was slow I asked myself, what is he going to say then about the Ultra? Confused But after that part the review got even better:

Even if the Q1 Ultra doesn’t become a huge success, it will still set the new standards on how ultra mobile PCs will be built. Samsung deserves a lot of credit for taking a disappointing UMPC and turning it  into a device which may finally make a dent in the UMPC market...

Well, Daryl D, I think that you are very easily impressed for a thumb keyboard. I'm not. I still in my quest for the perfect UMPC. ln  the meantime I'm enjoying my recently upgraded to 2 Gb RAM, super fast, Q1. And BTW I do not think that many of the current Q1 owners are disappointed. It seems to me that the only disappointed here are you.


  1. I'm not sure that Daryl even understands the basic concept of a UMPC. Just last week he wrote this: http://blogcritics.org/archives/2007/05/23/131907.php

  2. I have discovered that on Q1 Ultra wireless network card slows the computer so much that one cannot really watch movies. The wireless card also often stops other processes to run fast. So one has to turn it off and the whole computer is much much faster. This may be a problem with YouTube, but one can wait and download first, stop wireless, and then watch it smoothly...

    Movies play much smoother when seen through Windows Media Centre then in Windows Media Player!

    After 2 days of struggle I removed many services and start up programs, switch interface graphics to 'best performance' and finally my Q1 Ultra is fast enough to watch videos, but still Windows Media Centre performs better when you want to watch a movie across the entire screen.
    I am quite happy with it now when I made it faster...

  3. that's a interesting theory.
    I'll do some tests in mine Q1 with WiFi off


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