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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

iGuidance v4 coming soon.

I just got an email from iNav Corp about a new version of iGuidance Navigation software coming soon.

New V4 features include:

  • New Navteq map including Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands

  • Text to speech (TTS) (street name in voice guidance)

  • Extended POI listings (6 millions)

  • Pre-generated seamless map file for entire N. America (1.3GB)

  • Automatic font sizing for POI's w/ long names

  • Fullscreen easy toggle for car pc/UMPC w/o keyboard

*Internet activation process required

*Map file = 1.3GB (requires min. 2GB SD/CF for pocket pc version)

Existing registered customers may start pre-order v4 online for $79 + s/h immediately via http://inavcorp-store.stores.yahoo.net/ignamegpssov1.html.  If you haven't registered your current version of iGuidance yet, you may do so via www.inavcorp.com/registration.php (before 6/25/07) or www.inavcorp.com/myig/register.php (on or after 6/25/07).

New customers may start pre-order on June 22, 2007 via http://inavcorp-store.stores.yahoo.net/ignamegpssov.html

Customers who purchased iGuidance v3 from an authorized reseller on or after 3/15/07 may be eligible for free v4 upgrade exchange.  More detailed info will be provided one week after v4 product launch so please stay tuned.  

For those that are not familiar with iGuidance here is my review of version 3.

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