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Friday, June 15, 2007

Another one that needs speed!

YES! I'm not alone, I'm not crazy. We need more speed, we need a better performance. That's what James Kendrick is saying in this post.

So why the dilemma?  In a word, speed.  What I am finding having used the x61 is that because it is so much faster than the Fujitsu I get more done.  I am able to pull the x61 out of the bag, connect via EVDO, check my email (or do some other task) and put it to sleep in a minute or two.  This translates into keeping on top of my world better than I can with the Fujitsu because it takes a lot longer to do the same things.  If I know I only have a few minutes free I can do the above with the x61 but I won't even try it with the P1610 because it can't be done in that short window of time.  This has become such a significant advantage to me that I am seriously questioning whether ultra-mobile is the best choice for me personally.  This has been a huge awakening for me as you might imagine.

What battery are you saving when you have to wait and wait for things to get done, tasks to open, closing, booting, etc., etc. I'm like James need portability and performance. And honestly, neither VIA nor Intel are currently providing that. And why not Microsoft? Is the OS really optimized for the faster performance?

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  1. You're all way ahead of the curve! you'll be wanting to play DX10 games on UMPCs next ;-)

    I'm sure Sony or LG will oblige soon enough for you. An ULV Core 2 with a nice 7" 1204x600 screen and 35W/hr battery. Don't expect it to be cheap though. In the meantime, why not look at the 'productivity' machines on 8.9" screen or above. If you think processing power brings productivity then you'll probably want screen space too. LG C1 has touchscreen I think.


  2. 7 inches maximum or nothing! I don't want to give up portability or mobility.


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