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Friday, June 22, 2007

Tweaks2K2 PC Edition v1.6.0 Released


This version fixes some incompatibilities issues with Vista and at the same time, two hacks has been added or modified specially for Vista: the hack to disable the paging executive and the hack to disable the SuperFetch. These two hacks could help to increase your overall  performance on Vista. I would recommend the second one to be applied in all UMPCs and PCs currently in the market with RAM between 512MB and 1GB (I'll explain later in another post why).

Tweaks2K2 PC Edition is so far the only registry tweaker specially created for persons that own a UMPC and a Pocket PC. This is the only one that allows to hack your PC registry and your Pocket PC Registry. And that without having to install anything in your Pocket PC. Just connect your Pocket PC and hack it from your UMPC or PC.

A trial version of Tweaks2K2 PC Edition can be downloaded here.

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