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Friday, June 08, 2007

TurboMemory in Samsung's UMPCs?

 According to Tech.co.uk Samsung is thinking about to release something close to Intel's Turbomemory in the shape of Hybrid Harddrives installed in its Laptops and probably UMPCs.

Also interesting were Chand's statements on Intel's TurboMemory, the motherboard-based flash memory designed to boost boot-up times and aid faster application loading. As we reported earlier in the week, HP isn't keen on the tech. And neither is Samsung. Chand revealed to Tech.co.uk that "hybrid is the way we'll go" - meaning that the company is more likely to plump for hybrid hard drives. This will take advantage of Vista's ReadyDrive tech, which has the same effect as TurboMemory. But instead of keeping the flash memory on the board, it's part of the hard drive. And who debuted the first hybrid drive? Samsung, of course.

That would be something really good. But please, do not increase prices.

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