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Friday, June 08, 2007

Tell me your "UMPC" Vacation story

Here is what Mark one of my blog readers wrote about his Vacation:

I'm on day 7 of vacation in Europe. Now I'm in Paris with my now trusty Q1 and it's holding up just fine. I've been using it in conjunction with a Bluetooth GPS and Autoroute 2007 to find my way around town, upload pictures, handle email, watch TV via slingplayer from back home and type this message. It hasn't protested in the least. My son has been using it to update his Facebook stuff and my wife to listen to voicemail from back home (Vonage). In London I had wifi at the hotel and it worked fine but here I only have a cable network connection...which also works fine. Most McDonald's have wifi for the price of a drink, also, so I've been doing that when not at the hotel. All in all, this thing has proven to be a VERY well spent $700 and more than up to the task of being a "vacation computer".

Mark, I honestly and sanely envy you!

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  1. Ha! Well fancy reading this! It was a great week and a half but I'm back home in PA now. The final chapter to the story is that before I left Paris, I charged both batteries...the original that came with the unit and the extended battery. I broke the Q1 out shortly after the pilot said we could use electronics, used it off and on, mostly on, the entire flight and when I landed, it still had 24% on the extended battery! This meant I could bluetooth to my phone (which lit up when we landed) and upload the final few images in the limo on the way home. My wife and I are planning a trip to Amsterdam in October and the trusty Q1 will be making it with me. I only wish it could have come with me to Tokyo last fall but...well...I bought it this past March.

    By the way...for those who haven't been to Paris, I HIGHLY recommend it. It's everything you've ever heard. The French people are awesome, the city itself is the most beautiful in the world and it's actually VERY reasonably priced. Moreso than London, another very cool city but wow was it expensive.


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