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Monday, June 18, 2007

Samsung Q1 Ultra 2GB upgrade

DSC00398Hugo Ortega upgraded a Q1 with 2 Gb of RAM and here is what he says about how this helps performance:

The upgrade improves the following: boot up time, shut down time, program launch speeds, multitasking abilities, file transfer abilities...and so on. I am yet to tweak the machine but it definitely improves all of the above, and for me that's more than enough at this stage. You'll never make the Processor any faster but this RAM really helps.
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  1. I agree 100%. I've been using a 2 gb chip in my Q1 for about 3 weeks and it really makes a difference, especially when flipping back and forth between running apps. Using Alt-Tab to go from IE to Outlook, for example, would take *forever* while the disk churned away. Now it takes no time at all. Boot time and all seems a little faster, but anything that relied on the disk cache got a very noticable boost.

  2. "BOOTMGR is compressed... press Ctrl + alt + del to restart" no se por que me aparece mi correo es andresfelipes1995@hotmail.com lo estaba descomprimiendo la pila estaba sin seguro lo movi y se me apago y aparecio eso.. ayudenme si saben por favor gracias...

  3. Conecta un teclado USB y pulsa las teclas de control , alt y borrar al mismo tiempo.


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