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Thursday, June 14, 2007

OQO model 02 Battle: XP vs. Vista

This is the title of the most recent post of Hugo Ortega. I have seen many people blaming the slowness of A110 processors to Vista. Well, taking the words of a famous TV Show... Myth Busted... According to Hugo Ortega.

Vista actually runs faster on an OQO model 02 than XP does (IMHO). These findings are not purely scientific however in order to obtain comparable results I have used two devices in this video, i.e. one with Windows XP Tablet PC Edition (installed out of the box) and one with Windows Vista Ultimate Edition (installed out of the box). Both are of the OQO model 02 “BEST” breed and both have all their Service Packs and exactly the same apps installed. I have plugged in the exact same Mouse into the base of each unit and done my best to launch each instance of the application simultaneously to not give either a distinct advantage.

And to prove it Hugo has shot this wonderful Video.

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