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Monday, June 11, 2007

New UMPC Processor from AMD - 'Bobcat'

According to Register, AMD is working in a processor code name 'Bobcat' specifically designed for UMPCs, this processor should hit the market next year:

However Bobcat is made, it will go up against Intel's next-gen UMPC platform, 'Menlow', which comprises the 'Silverthorne' 45nm processor Intel is current designing specifically for UMPCs. Menlow also incorporates the 'Paulsbo' integrated chipset. Intel claims Menlow will deliver superior performance yet consume half the power

We here have discussed a lot about Intel and VIA but we have not spent too much time on AMD because so far this company have used the Geode processor (the one used in Vega) which does not deliver a serious competition for current Intel Mobile processors and VIA C7 processors.

And this is what is all about, I'm not criticizing here the new UMPCs (Q1U and others) what I have been saying and what you can see in the rest of all sites talking about this platform is that current A110/A100 processors are a step to gain time against VIA's strong competition but it's not a good move for consumers. The real deal is in the new Menlow processors which supposed to deliver the same or better performance that we had in the first generation combined with twice of battery life.

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