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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Gigabyte in Taipei

Computex has started and of course we are receiving a lot of 20070606022747060news about new notebooks, PCs, and of course UMPCs. The Gigabyte UMPC is not new for us, it will be distributed by a lot of companies with a lot of different names. Anyway... Gigabyte presented it's U60 in Taipei. AVING USA has shot the best detailed pictures of this device that I have seen so far. We are part of the AVING USA news network so we will continue to report here what is going on in Computex.

Gigabyte presented its 6.5-inch UMPC 'U60' featuring VIA C7-M chip, 1.0GHz processor and LED-backlight screen.
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  1. I used this device this morning there. I got to say this is so~~much better than i heard from others. The keyboard is good, buttons can be pressed easily, the thumb area is good, too! You can use it to simulate the mouse function very well!

    But under on-stop use all day long it become hot that you could not ignore.

  2. I have found that that´s a common problem in all the VIA based UMPC that I have checked so far. The Amtek T700 was hot like hell, and the T770 is hot too. So my conclusion is that VIA processors run really hot.


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