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Thursday, August 24, 2006

VFP Supports Ink

Here is a little video of a program created in Visual FoxPro with Ink Support.

I added ink support to the search screen of this database program created in VFP testing the possibilities of creating this kind of programs (databases) with ink support. As you can see VFP supports ink!


  1. I'm a beginner on VFP 9 and i'm really interesting tio hve example of projet in VFP supporting ink like we can see in the video. Is it possible TO have it ?

    Thanks a lot


  2. Let me see if I can prepare something. That form is tied to my other master form and database and wont work alone. So I'll have to prepare something make it public for download.

    1. Frank J Garcia, interoperability me much their support, I could help a small inking code to capture and display in text box, thank you for your help, my email is: ajospinag@hotmail.com

      thanks ..

    2. Ajospina, I do not understand.


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