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Monday, August 14, 2006

Get more juice from your Battery

Rob Bushway at Gottabemobile.com was reporting about a very good article with 10 tips to follow to get the most you can from your battery life.

The author of the article is a really very heavy mobile user, well, if you work for SlingMedia I believe that have to be "mobile" if you want to sell the SlingBox. Do not you think?


  1. hello,

    is there a difference between notebook hardware control and rightmark CPU clock ?

    it should be noted that rightmark locate the processor via c7.

  2. I have not tested the one you mentioned.

    The fact that the NHC allows you to steping tells me that NHC is detecting VIA processor.

  3. with rightmark CPU clock, the logo of VIA C7 appears.



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