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Sunday, August 13, 2006

HDD Enclosure

Sometime ago I wrote about how I upgraded my eo 40 Gb HDD to 100 Gb. Today I gonna show what to do with the old HDD.

Browsing this huge universe called Internet, I found the existence of very cheap enclosures for 2.5 inches HDD. So I bought one here.

Pic 1

What's in the Box?

piC 2

  1. USB 2.0 cable with extra power USB cable
  2. Screwdriver
  3. Screw set
  4. Driver CD for Windows 98
  5. Enclosure
  6. Carrying Case
The first thing to do is to open the enclosure in the way shown in picture 3.

pic 3

Once it's open you connect your HDD...

pic 4

Put it inside the enclosure

pic 5

Once you have done that you fix it using the screws, putting them in the place marked with the red circle in picture 6.

pic 6

If when you connect the enclosure to your PC you hear a clicking noise that means that your PC can't give enough power to make the HDD spin. In this case you have to connect the end marked with an A in picture 7 to one USB port in your PC and the one marked with a B to a second USB Port. In eos V7110 one connector is enough to power this HDD.

pic 7

Picture 8 shows the enclosure with our 40 Gb HDD ready to go.

pic 8

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