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Thursday, August 03, 2006

CarryPad talking about my opinion of i7210

My friend Steve - CarryPad - has posted his analysis of my article IMHO: i7210. He also has made his research and he found in some pictures that there is a little hole in the top front upper corner in the i7210 that could be an integrated MIC. There is another small hole in the lower part of that same side that nobody knows what it is but I think that probably could be the Ctrl+Alt+Del because it does not look like the speaker located in the top left corner.

Steve also thinks that the Pentium M should give more battery life than the Intel Celeron due to the Stepping Feature of this processor. I have to point that the Pentium M on this device is running at 1 GHz while the Celeron in this same series will run at 900 MHz the same speed than Q1s so probrably what is gained using the "Stepping Feature" will be lost because of this higher speed.

He pointed that the "if it's (processor) Centrino, it will have the Wifi as a separate chipset and not in the USB bus, causing problems, like it was in the v7110.) it could take a marginal lead over the other two Origami UMPC's on battery life."

Well, I hope that he is right because what these devices really need is more battery life.


  1. The Pentium M WILL give more battery life. I once owned a 1.1 Pentium M Fujitsu P7010. I also owned a 900 mhz Celron M in the same P7010. I ran the same battery tests on both, and the results were:

    The Pentium M lasted 4.5 hours.

    The Celron M lasted 3 hours.

    The Pentium M was designed with battery life in mind.

    Just look at UMPCs. The Motion LS800 has the same battery as the Q1, and a Pentium M 1.2 proccessor.

    The Q1 only lasts 2 hours, while the Motion LS800 last 2:45.

    Remember, the Motion has a much faster proccessor, and a Bigger screen, yet it still last longer then the Q1.


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