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Monday, August 21, 2006

First Pictures of Mugen Power Battery for Q1

I got today the first pictures of the Mugen Power Battery for the Q1. I'm posting these pictures but still pending a more detailed information about the specifications of this battery. So enjoy the pictures!







The fact that I got these pictures today could be taken as an indication that they are close to release these batteries to the market. But I'm just speculating, nothing is confirmed yet.

Update: according to some last minute info that I got, this battery is 3 times stronger than the original Q1 Battery.


  1. Mugen must also leave a battery extended for the EO. No pics ?

  2. They are working in a battery for eo for I have not got yet any pictures of that one.

  3. So it works with the big stand?

  4. Sorry, I do not understand Your question.

  5. The Q1 has two stand options built-ln. The picture you show has the 45% (big) option showing. Looks like it might work well.

    DP Bobby
    "The other thing"

  6. MY LAST EMAIL, DAY + 10...

  7. If they are having problems with the email server here is something that you can do.

    Go to your account with them, go to your purchase order for the extended battery and leave them a note there. I'm sure they will answer that note.

  8. It is very exactly what I did !!! Four messages since August 12. No answers.

    Beyond this absence of answers, the fact of not keeping us all is inadmissible.

    TabletKiosk is not serious.

    We are the August 23 !!! The shipping was announced for the first week of August...

    A new delay is acceptable. Not to inform from time to time is not acceptable.

    These preorders with deadlines delayed are not commercial and professional.

  9. I think that they are afraid to promise another date when their first date failed.

    The latest info that I have is that according to their chinese provider the batteries were shipped already but in another hand they said to me that they never got a tracking no from china. So this last point probably is what is holding them to give another date at this point.

  10. A message addressed to all the customers or an advertisement on the site would have been an good, elegant and smart behavior.

  11. I agree with you. But a message saying we don't know yet when we are going to get it is not what anyone wants to hear ;)

    Believe me Jeff, we are closer to get them. ;)

  12. I have just received at the moment of the answers of tabletkiosk :


    "... Thank you for contacting Tabletkiosk, we are awaiting delivery from our frieght forwarder of these batteries - we are scheudaled to ship these batteries before the end of this month. We apolagize for this delay."

  13. Answer of Tabletkiosk for


    "...The ring on the Portfolio Case is designed for clipping your keys to, or a wrist strap. The case does not have a shoulder strap. the case is padded to protect the screen further. The slip case is neoprene - similar to that of the Samsung Q-1 case - it is designed for storage and supplemental protection."

  14. Jeff, and what about the hole in the down side of the eo, the one that seems to be for a security lock?

  15. yes, we spoke about it together already. I forgot to put the question… I find indeed that is notch for kensingnton lock what would be very well.

  16. very funny news of tabletkiosk :

    "...as we are still awaiting inital delivery of these carry cases."

  17. In a last mail, Tabletkiosk say to me that extended battery will be shipping next week...

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