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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Checking i7210 Manual

According to the official released i7210 Manual:
The computer a’s built-in audio capabilities allow you to take full advantage of a wide range of educational and entertainment multimedia software. The computer is equipped with internal stereo speakers, a microphone, and a pair of audio ports to connect external audio components.

An external microphone can be connected to the Microphone jack. External speakers or headphones can be connected to the Audio out / Headphone jack.
But then, in the net page it says:
Your system allows you to record sounds and store them as files using a microphone via the Microphone jack on the top of the computer. Check the Windows Help and Support Center for information on using the various components for sound recording.
My guess is that TabletKiosk's QC did not notice this. They should have mentioned the internal MIC as a way to record sound.

In page 57 you can see the same picture:

This picture shows only two resolutions.

This manual is almost a carbon copy of the one in the FCC page. The main difference is that this one has been Tabletkiosk personalized. Even when the manual says that it has as an internal MIC, the picture in page 10 was not edited to show the location of it.

I could not find any mention of the mysterious hole in the low right corner found by my college Steve from Carrypad.com

And finally, I could not find in this one either any mention of what Battery life we should expect to see in this device. TabletKiosk, you should not afraid to post this number. In fact, I wont buy a notebook if I can't find what is the battery life of it. So please, run some tests and publish that number.The same applies to the old eo V7110 site. The 2.5 number was deleted when the right thing to do would be to post that it's between 2:00 to 2:20 hours depending of how it's used. Details like this are very appreciated by customers.

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