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My Surface PRO 3 'Must Have' Accessories List

Thursday, August 03, 2006


After analyzing the i7210 User Manual I have concluded that this device is gonna be a very good option for some and the most powerful UMPC currently in the market thank to its Pentium M processor of others but the eo V7110 Button Layout still the best one I have seen. The new series of eos seem more focused in Multimedia with a series of buttons added just to control WMP but in this field the Q1 still the champion, the lack of an integrated MIC and the presence of just one speaker leave the eo i7210 behind the Q1. One of the points that worry me a little bit is that I did not see in the manual any button to change the resolution in the fly like in the v7110, something that I consider a "Must Have". Also, the video card on this device that was supposed to be better - 128 MB of DDR Memory - than the one included in the eo v7110 - just 64 MB of Shared Memory - only have two screen resolutions available when using the integrated display from what I can see the Display Property Screen published in the manual, when in the eo v7110 you have more than 5 different resolutions including the 3 set to be changed using a button for that functionality.

The battery life in this device is a big question mark. It's very well known that the Pentium M is far from being the best option if you want a good battery life. That's why OEMs have used the Intel Celeron and VIA processors in these devices.(I was wrong here, Pentium M should have a better Battery Life) Unfortunately I could not find any hint about this point in the manual; my guess is that both TabletKiosk and ECS have learned from the Amtek's 2.5 hours fiasco. In this case, users will have to find out the true running their own tests.

Will this processor enter the already well known for TabletKiosk eo v7110 users "C3 State"? I hope so. If this Pentium M is not configured to enter in this state we can expect a battery life less than 2 hours, and I would say a lot less than that.

I'm hoping to get one of these units to review and see in what level in right in my above comments. Until that moment, and keeping in mind that this User Manual was issued back in 2005, all we can do now is to speculate.

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  1. I hope to see some clarifications from TabletKiosk in this post ;-)


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