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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Off Topic: Ernesto is coming to Florida

If you live in Florida, especially South Florida you have a few hours to prepare yourself and your property for the Tropical Storm Ernesto.

At this moment it's unsure if Ernesto will land as Tropical Storm or as a Category I Hurricane. The last year I was hit by 2 hurricanes, the last one was Wilma. She left me 2 weeks without electricity. Two weeks in a forced vacation because the company that I work for suffered roof damages and was without electricity too all that time.

I'm not taking any chances this time and I'm a little bit better prepared. But... when you are talking about this monsters you don't know what is going to happen. Let's God be with us.


  1. Full with good things! We support you!

  2. Definitely stay safe, Frank!

    I was vacationing in Orlando last year when Wilma hit and even though only the edge of it hit where we were, it still was a rather intense and pretty scary experience.

    From that one experience, I know it definitely isn't something to take lightly, even if the day after the hurricane did give us one very cool and comfortable day where we had Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom pretty much to ourselves... :)

  3. Wilma was bad. It was a point during that hurricane where I got really scared and I prayed. The noise inside of my house was horrible, every time a limb from a tree felt into my roof that sounded inside of the house like an elephant walking on top of my roof.


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