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Friday, August 04, 2006

NHC 2.0 PR 02 Released

For those like me that use Notebook Hardware Control to manage the battery use in our UMPCs, a new version has been released that can be downloaded here. More information about what has been changed or added in this release can be found here.

Thanks for the tip Jeff from France!


  1. I am "maewfyin" !!

    I do not understand but it is the code of checking which was taken into account during the recording of my message…

    Bobjour de Paris !

  2. it is necessary and better for the autonomy donwload the pro edition ?

  3. I have not tested yet but it seems that they added Brightness control. One of the things that I don't like in the eo is that I have to change the brigthness manually when I go on battery from 50% (default) to 25%. I hope that this new feature will allow me to set 25% when I'm on battery as default.

  4. I paid for the pro from the beginning because that a way from me to help the developer of this wonderful application. So I can't tell you exactly the difference. I recall that one of them is that the program run as a service and another one is about profiles.

  5. With NHC and brightness at 25 per cent and wifi on and surf all time, my Eo battery have 1h35 with extinction with again 3 minutes.

  6. I paid also for the pro to help the developer. its my support philosophy.

  7. For info, My French EO autonomy disorders have yesterday standard exchange ! I am happy.

    The new machine offers more 2h15 to 2h30 of autonomy (with/without Wifi/Bluetooth), which I consider from now on more than correct.

    And the battery is only with its first cycle of load charge !

    Morever, it seems to me that the EO heats less in particular on sector and long use.

    The serial number of my new EO starts with T (the old defective one per M).

    Therefore, I am again in love with the EO/AMtek !

  8. for info my new amtek T700 is total black without white sides.

  9. Also for information, I do not use the launcher of programs. I allotted the key to the appearance of the dialkeys

  10. I never use or have used the launch program. For me is a waste of time. But probably for there who travel a lot and use the UMPC in their car to have a Touch friendly program launcher sounds a good idea.

  11. I agree... and to use the key of the launcher for the dialkeys show is ideal and practical. and the logo corresponds almost !!


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