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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

GPS Radar Origami Edition

GPS Radar Origami Edition is a tool that allows you:

  • monitor your localization by GPS receiver
  • save the track and points of moving
  • generate various XML reports
  • upload points to dedicated Internet server
  • review your moving on designed web pages with Google Maps® streets or satellites images
  • generate GoogleEarth® current location
  • generate GoogleEarth® track files
  • review your moving directly on GoogleEarth® interface screen with all its features
  • generate Google® Maps on-line web page
  • review your moving directly on Google® Maps on-line web page service

  • screen2

    You can find more screen shots of this tool here. A beta trial of this tool that will run until November 2006 is available.

    Thanks for the tip Steve.

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