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Thursday, August 31, 2006

TabletKiosk 7200 Serie Review

TabletPC Corner has published a review of the Founder AKA as TabletKiosk i7200 Serie. One of the thing I like is that they installed Vista in this device without any problem reported. Something that is impossible in eo v7110 due to the BAD DRIVERS PROVIDED BY AMTEK (Remember this name AMTEK - This is the OEM you need to avoid in the future).

Another thing that I liked was the way this person mounted the UMPC in his car. I wonder how he did it. Any ideas?

Note: in current 7110 devices, the WiFi driver does not work in Vista. I know that AmTek does not have anything to do with this driver but they designed these units and they should be working trying to make these devices Vista compatible.

Source: Carrypad.com

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  1. At the end it is said that vista could be installed but that it was a real disaster, mostly because the media center component was not well made in the second beta.
    Else in the comments, someone says that the car stand is homemade... and in aluminium.




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