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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Preorder discount at Pocket PC Solutions

If you live in UK and you are thinking about to get one of these "things" so-called Origamis - Believe it or not I found today a page that does not know how to use them - then this is a good moment. Pocket PC Solutions is offering a discount of 50 pounds in preorder of the latest eo i7209 and i7210. I said that this is the best moment no only because of this discount but because these units have one of the best specifications that I have seen.

Discount page for the i7209

Discount page for the i7210


  1. ALERT !


    A new UMPC for 700 $. Made in Corean, with Windows XP, AMD GeodeTM LX800, 256Mo de RAM, DD de 30Go, screen LCD tactile de 4,3', only 350 grammes!

  2. where did you get the specifications?

  3. Here :



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