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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Vega UMPC Pictures

NaviGadget has published some pictures of what seems to be "Vega" UMPC.

The source of these pictures is the Korean Web Page Aving where more high quality pictures can be found. I like this design but the small screen size is a big NO NO in my opinion. What's clear is that those days when OQO was the King of the town are over.

Thanks for the tip Steve.


  1. very good but i agree ; screen too small. 7 inches are the best choice.

    vega is a excellent challenger of sony ux50 amd others.

  2. the good adress is ;


  3. that picture of your is in your profile that's why I can't see.

  4. sorry… just a prefiguration of a black eo with white battery. it is very well!

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