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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Samsung Q1b

Our friend Steve at Carrypad.com as confirmed the existence of the Samsung Q1b using a VIA processor! According to some sources Samsung is planning to release this UMPC for a very low price. How low? Who knows...


  1. with a mouse-trackpoint and right and left clics ??
    again french humour. sorry...

  2. it is not humor ! a mouse and clics are completely essential on a origami.

    Awake, mister stupid Samsung!

  3. That's why I said that because I do not see the trackpoint anywhere in Q1s!

    But you are absolutely right. For me an UMPC without a track point is useless.

  4. the facts are inconrestables: the samsung will be the only origami without trackpoint and right and left clics...


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