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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The truth behind VIA Processor

I was talking to Steve from Carrypad.com about new Samsung Q1b and we both are agree that if anyone could make the VIA processor to work in the way that VIA claims they can, that's Samsung. So if VIA processors are that good like VIA always claims in it's web page "propaganda" we should see in the coming soon Q1b a battery life that should be very close to 3 hours or more.

After the AmTek/VIA fiasco it seems to me that would be very stupid from VIA not to do the best they can to get the VIA processor installed in a Samsung working as they should. After all, Samsung is not Amtek.


  1. samsung is better in particular by its software of assistance to autonomy.

    why amtek does not propose its "powersaver 3.0" ?

  2. My opinion is that if Samsung are gong to release the Q1b at a higher cost than the standard version, with a processor that is know to be less (processing) powerful, they need to have a special selling point. I really believe that the selling point can only be battery life and it needs to be over 3 hours to become a selling point. 4 hours perhaps? Here's hoping.


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