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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Preorder Vista at Amazon


  1. Note that the $399 price is for a first-time purchase. If you are upgrading from any version of XP, the price is $259. That is still expensive, but not quite as bad.

    Also, for most UMPCs the "Home Premium" version, which includes the Tablet and Touch features, should be sufficient. One should really only need to go to Ultimate edition if you also plan to use it as part of a domain on a corporate network. The "Home Premium" version is listed at $239 for a new purchase and $159 as an upgrade from XP.

    I also noticed that they are offering slight discounts for additional licenses if you have multiple computers. For instance, the second upgrade to Vista Ultimate is $233 and the second upgrade to Vista Home Premium is $143.

    I do think that all these different versions and pricing options are incredibly confusing and they should have come up with a much simpler structure. What I would have really preferred was a single base price for new or upgrade purchases (probably comparable to Home Basic) and then offering various advanced features "ala-carte" via downloads or additional CD-ROMs.

  2. Jeffrey, Microsoft is pushing for UMPCs with a price of 500 dollars. Do you think that an OS can be priced at 50% of the cost of an UMPC?

    For me the right price for the OS needs to be in a range between 100 and 150 dollars if they do not reduce the OS price up to this range they will not win the battle against piracy.


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