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Thursday, August 10, 2006

How to steal a laptop

Lets start the day with something funny to watch.

Source: Guizmodo.

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  1. its actually quite simple go to best buy when its busy, ask for something compact like me i asked for a mac book air, i shoped for a bit hid it under my coat mind you it was winter at the time, so i was not standing out like a sore thumb, picked something out got to the register paid for it, i walked out the alarm went off, and said oops and showed the guy my reciept with my bag and cd i bought, and walked out, went home played around with my new mac book air for a few weeks, and then sold it on ebay now $1,800 richer :D number 1 way to get away with it stay calm, the goon squad at best buy cant touch you or intercept you, all they can do is call the cops but if you notice a lot of store drones looking at you thats a good hint to GTFU and scan your suroundings for signs of the MAN on your tail.


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