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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

New Origamis coming from TabletKiosk

Today I received from TabletKiosk the following Press Release:

TORRANCE, CA, August 1, 2006 - TabletKioskTM, a leader in mobile computing solutions, today announced the launch of eoTM i7209 and eoTM i7210 the newest additions to the company's family of ultra-mobile computing solutions.

TabletKiosk continues to advance the Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC) platform by offering innovative features to maximize productivity and encourage on-the-go use. The two new models, powered by Ultra Low Voltage processors from Intel Corporation, are as follows:

eoTM i7210 Intel® Pentium® M 1.0 GHz ULV / 1 GB DDR2 RAM / 60 GB HDD

eoTM i7209 Intel® ULV Celeron® M 900 MHz ULV / 512 MB DDR2 RAM / 30 GB HDD

"We are pleased to be working with TabletKiosk on the Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) category," said Brad Gra, Intel's UMPC marketing director. "These TabletKiosk UMPCs are based on Intel's low power technology and represent early examples of this category, which is expected to grow signicantly over the next few years."

Featuring the latest advancements in mobile computing, the eoTM i7200 series incorporates an integrated 1.3 Mega pixel CMOS camera with video capture capabilities, as well as a built-in, 4-in-1 media card reader (supports SD/SDIO/MMC/MS)for taking and sharing digital photos and videos. For easy connectivity to the internet or SOHO networks, both units feature 802.11 b/g wireless LAN and Bluetooth v1.2.

The eoTM i7200 series comes preloaded with Microsoft® Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 with Touch Pack and is certified Microsoft® Windows VistaTM capable.

For ultimate convenience, the eoTM i7200 series features a 7" LCD touch screen with handwriting recognition, an onscreen keyboard, voice recognition, and external control devices, including a full roaming thumb joystick and dedicated left and right mouse buttons.

The eoTM i7200 series comes bundled with the eoTM i72DC Docking Cradle which adds features to offer the fexibility and usability of a desktop PC. Sporting four additional USB 2.0 Ports, a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Networking Port, S-Video Out and VGA Out with Dual monitor support, the eoTM i7200 series can be used in conjunction with the most popular computing accessories, including monitor, mouse and optical drive.

"With the launch of the eoTM i7200 series, we are pleased to introduce many of the new features and technological advancements that are bringing greater visibility to the UMPC platform," said Martin Smekal, president of TabletKiosk. "When presented alongside our previously released eoTM v7110, we now offer our customers a broader range of options to meet their specific mobile computing needs."

eoTM i7200 series Fast Facts:
- 1.8" IDE Hard Disk Drive
- Intel 915GMS with embedded 3D engine with Full Direct X9 Compliance
- Dual display support
- 1.3 Mega pixel CMOS camera with video capture capability
- 4-in-1 Card Reader (supports SD/SDIO/MMC/MS)
- 802.11b/g Wireless Networking
- Bluetooth v1.2 (v1.1 compatible) built-in USB 2.0 compliant module
- HD 7.1 channel audio
- 2x USB 2.0 / Headphones Out / Microphone In
- Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
- 7" WVGA touch screen display (80 gram)
- Dimensions: 8.88" W x 5.67" H x .98" D
- Weighs 1.83 lbs. (with battery pack)
- Ships with Microsoft Tablet Education and Experience Pack pre-installed
- Integrated Computer Stand
- Screen rotation supports portrait and landscape mode
- Fingerprint resistive casing

To meet the unique mobile computing needs of today's businesses, TabletKiosk offers and is currently developing a broad range of "Smart Business" accessories for the eoTM i7200 series. These include a portfolio case, ruggedized bump case, outdoor LCD screen and magnetic stripe reader to provide ultimate flexibility in the way that eoTM is used, handled and carried. Many of these accessories were developed originally as custom solutions for our enterprise partners who utilize the UMPC platform to help run their everyday businesses in a whole new way. Now, these accessories are available for the benefit of all of TabletKiosk's customers.

Pricing and Availability

eoTM i7209 and eoTM i7210 will begin shipping by the end of August, 2006. For additional details, pricing and to place a pre-order, please visit www.tabletkiosk.com.

About TabletKioskTM

TabletKioskTM is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sand Dune Ventures Inc. a privately held technology incubator. The company produces slate style Tablet PCs, UMPCs and exhibit-centric computing solutions marketed through an authorized reseller channel and directly through the company website. For more information, visit www.tabletkiosk.com.

Well, I was righ when I said that probably the mysterious UMPC - later found to be a Founder - was going to be released by TabletKiosk.

The specifications of this UMPC are very good and it seems to include a Joystick Mouse, one of the features that made the previous series, the eo V7110 in some how popular. Of course until real life tests are not published is hard to say definitely how good is this UMPC or if it has been configured properly but being the Second one released by TabletKiosk I expect to find in this one more quality and a better prepared device.

One thing is for sure, from now one when UMPC are mentioned TabletKiosk will be mentioned because these guys are really thinking seriously about this new platform.


  1. This is the end of the first EO (AMtek)...

    The new UMPC of TabletKiosk is the Founder/Lucoms-Daewoo.

    For me, I wait the ASUS R2H.

  2. check my last note. the eo customization is a very powerful thing that needs to be considered. A notebook with a 4200 RPM HDD does not perform that good as one using a HDD at 7200 RPM. And believe me I know that because I have both in front of me.

  3. I agree, Ctitanic.

    But for the moment, I do not advise to buy a first EO AMtek even with 7200t/mn, because of his very weak autonomy.

    One is unaware of how much defective EO AMtek are still in stock in the world.

  4. the weak autonomy is a common "feature" in all of them. With eos you can get aroud 2 hours or more with no WiFi. The Q1 last a little more than 2 hours and this one will have around the same battery life than the Q1. So there is not a big difference.

    The eo is coming with extended battery in a few weeks. So there are solutions available for this issue coming soon. Battery life will be a common issue for a long time to come. Do not expect any of the coming UMPC to break the 3 hours limit soon. I'm talking about those with 3 cell batteries and 7 inches monitors. All you will get with these specs is from 2 hours to 3 hours maximum. And that's not so good compare with having from 4 to 6 using extended batteries.

    So Battery life is not a point to be considered at this moment when buying UMPCs. All of them are about the same, 10 to 20 minutes more or less.

  5. Cititanic,

    The weak autonomy is NOT a common "feature" in all of them.

    2 hours with wifi ON is good, I agree.

    TabletKiosk, with AMtek ??, are decided recall first EO AMTEK.

    And now, news models with 2 hours autonomy, are delivered to the United States. It is well.

    It is not the fact in France where the firsts EOs AMtek which are currently sold by the importer have only one autonomy of 1h25.

    They are defective models. Where ? Many ?

    Your EO AMtek and the others in US have be modified.

    The autonmy of Q1 is 2h30 Wifi on, and screen at 50%, not at 25%.......

    The autonomy of Founder or ASUS R2H are also more 2h30.

    The extended battery for the EO AMTEK is not a valid argument at 160 USD or 120 EUR... without counting the weight and the size...

    Moreover, we must reach the 2 hours WITHOUT using Notebook Hardware Control...

    At least for Europe, the purchase of a EO AMTEK is not advising, because uncertainty on the manufacturing defect and stock concerned.

    Who transformed your and others US EO AMTEK ? TabletKiosk ? AMtek ?

    Can one identify by serial number the defectives EO AMTEK ?

    It is an enormous problem for the EO AMtek.

    (sorry again for my english).

  6. Jeff, I can't say at this moment that I would not recommend the eo because the weak battery life because this issue was fixed here in USA. Current battery life is what is common in these devices taking in consideration that the eo battery is 10% smaller than the one installed in Q1.

    So, battery life is not something that I'll use as a power point to take a desition of what to buy becuase this is more or less the same in all of them at this moment. Again... we do not have anymore units with 1:25 hours of battery life.

    About the SN. I did not write down the SN of my old unit. Current unit SN is T6006212A480 but in USA, during the recall the back cover was kept from the old units. This means that we got new units replacing the old ones but with the same back cover to keep in that way the same Windows XP SN and authenticity label.

    I think that due to other problems that I have with my old unit I got a new back cover with a new SN.

    So probably you best shot is to find out if guys from Pocket PC Solution can tell you the SN of one of their devices that belong to what we called the second batch.

    Again, we are seen users reporting more than 2 hours of battery in current eos and I have seen users reporting around 2 hours and 15 minutes with current Q1. And the eo has 10% smaller battery ;)

  7. Ctitanic,

    Nobody asked AMtek to equip the EO with too small batteries...

    I consider that it is well a defect. Today, competition enables us to make of another choice that AMtek EO/T700 or Samsnug Q1.

    For the Origami concept, I am happy arrival on the market Founder ESC et ASUS R2H.

    For information, my SN of my EO is M706613M0315.

  8. The small batteries in eos could work giving the same battery life than the 10 % bigger battery of the Q1 if the eo enters in C3 States mode. Something that I hope we will see with Vista Upgrade. ;) the eo is less heavy than Q1 ;) thanks to this 10% smaller battery ;)

  9. Thanks, Cititanic. The french situation is not very good for users.

    AMtek must recall ALL them firsts serial Origamis in the world.

    Morever, the eo is not less heavy than Q1. It is the opposite.

    The battery of the EO is 10% smaller ? Good idea... If not, AMtek would have been définitly worse.


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