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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Inking in Windows Live Writer

Rob Bushway at GottabeMobile.com is reporting about a new add-in for Windows Live Writer that has been just released: Ink Blog by Ed Holloway.

I was testing Yesterday Windows Live Writer in my eo and it seems a useful tool to me if you are thinking about posting using ink. Now with this tool things are going to be a lot easier than the previous copy and paste procedure. I'll give it a shot tonight so expect a ink test ;-)

Update: I want to add a little extra note here in this post to Microsoft. Yesterday was released Windows Live Writer (or at least we (tabletpc and umpc community) found out about it) and less than 24 later somebody had already an add-in to add ink support to this tool. These are the kind of things that sometime make me believe that Microsoft are a bunch of teams working separately in projects and that these teams do not talk to each other about what they are doing and what they are about to release. How many times I have seen that Microsoft release something without Ink Support or with a very poor implementation of it? This is an example. They have released A WRITER without ink support. Can anyone believe that?!

Things have to change at Microsoft if they want to stay in Business. I'm talking here about a freeware. But... I can't comprehend why if I pay almost 90 dollars for Outlook, a tool to handle my email, I have to pay 40 dollars for an Add-In to handle the SPAM. Come On! If you are designing an email tool you should know that spam exist and you should prepare this tool to efficiently deal with this situation. I'm using Outlook 2007 and the Spam filter works but never at the level that I used to in Thunderbird (a free tool BTW!). To reach that level I had to install an Add-in to Outlook.

I'm a developer and I know that thanks to these problems of Microsoft many of us make money, including me. But come on Microsoft, is not time to do things right from the beginning? Is that hard to share with other teams what your team is doing? I tested Windows Live Writer in my eo Yesterday and it works but I can tell you right now that it was designed no having in mind UMPCs at all. This toguether with the absence of ink support tells me that this tool was released without having the UMPC/TabletPC team know anything about it.

And we ask our self why Tablet PCs are not that popular...

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