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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

New drivers for eo released

I just received the following email:

Hi Frank,

I wanted to drop you a note to let you know that we just updated the drivers online.Our internal testing here is showing marked improvements in the wireless signal.

Gail Levy
Director of TabletKiosk
386 Beech Ave, Suite 6
Torrance, CA 90501

The new WiFi drivers can be downloaded here.


  1. it's a year old driver which you should have got from windows uppdate ages ago...

  2. I never could install the one in Windows update. ;)

  3. I uninstalled the the wlan sw from start menu, rebooted, windows "found new hw" started, i connected to web with bt/phone and just let windows to download the new drivers...

  4. Very good workaround JKK. I never though about it

  5. I have downloaded the new driver. I observe anything in particular, neither in good nor in evil.

    ...And the extended life batterys, where are they ?

  6. I asked them and they still waiting.

  7. The date of 18 Augut is always good ?

    Is it AMtek extended battery, or Tabletkiosk manufacturing operator ?

  8. The first batteries from TabletKiosk are really made by AmTek. I know that TabletKiosk and UNIFIRM (Mugen Power) have been working toguether in an extended battery but according to the latest info I have from UNIFIRM this extended battery will be available late August or September.

  9. And the 18 August (tomorrow) is it always good for the firsts shippings ?

  10. I requested news from Tabletkiosk but I do not have any answer yet from two days.

    Moreover, I have other questions for the cases, addressed to TabletKiosk.

    "...For the "Eo Portfolio Carrying Case", we miss details and other photos. What is used the ring on the right part ? Is the case reinforced specialy to protect the screen ? Is there a shoulder-belt for the shoulder ?

    An the same questions for the "Eo Slip Case"...".

    I await also the answers from TabletKiosk.

  11. Is there still somebody at TabletKiosk? No response to requests for posted information five days ago…

    Or, is it necessary to go to seek our batteries in Beijing ?

    At least, that one keeps us informed...

  12. Day + 9 !!

    For the EO extended battery, again no response to requests...

  13. Jeff, I contacted them today and the good news is that we are closer than what you think from receiving the extended battery. Another thing is that they moved their email to a new server and they are having some problems with emails that should be fixed shortly.


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