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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ink Blog Pluging Beta 2 Released

Yes, Ink Blog Pluging Beta 2 for Windows Live Writer has been released later yesterday night. Let's take a look of what has been added:
  • More ink colors, including custom colors
  • Handwriting Recognition of Ink, which is posted in blog under the ink area
  • Various pens and line weights
  • Highlighters
  • Lasso tool / Move / Cut / Copy / Paste
  • Multi-level Undo / Redo
  • Text inside the ink region
  • Ability to re-edit ink before you publish
  • Vertically Expanding ink area - unlimited 'paper'
  • Edit mode backgrounds for cleaner inking (Several line widths & Grid)
  • Recognition of shapes
Wow! Microsoft when you will learn to release tools fully developed!

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