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Friday, August 04, 2006

The Mystery Unveiled

Thanks to a tip from Jeff - our french reader - we found about the mysterious UMPC supposed to be released the next August 10.

According to this page, this is a korean device made by a company named Raon Digital, or at least that's what I understood from the Google translation from Korean.

This new UMPC will have:
  • AMD Geode LX800
  • 30GB HDD
  • 4.3inch LCD
  • Windows XP home
  • 350g
So probably this could be the first UMPC using an AMD processor to hit the market. Using the TV rating, this for me is a PG13. Why? Because only a 13 year old child have eyes good enough to use Windows XP in a 4.3 inches display!


  1. For informatio, new version to day for Notebook Hardware Control :


  2. http://www.raondigital.com/english/product/product_main.asp


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