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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Origami Project - Minesweeper

CaptureA Origami Project Member has prepared a Minesweeper version customized for UMPC. 

I've found playing minesweeper is impossible, as it left clicks before it right clicks, thus causing you to lose.

What She is describing is typically found in devices without a real HID Driver. I suffered a lot with this issue in my Q1. Being a eo v7110 owner to me was very hard to get used to my Q1 without HID support. After installing the HID Drivers from eGalax I can hold my stylus on top of any object without triggering a left click.

In this version of this game the author has fixed other issues present while playing it in a UMPC.

. . .right clicking still (probably) involves holding the stylus down for a second which would kill your time/score. I removed that requirement via alternate control methods

But that was only one of the issues with Minesweeper that I fixed.

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