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Monday, July 16, 2007

And Michael Venini returned his iPhone

Don't get mi wrong. This page is about UMPCs and I'm not planning to change that. I'm just curious to find out why people are returning their iPhones. 

 For me the iPhone is a pretty gadget with a very good looking software but... it does not do what I need. I need a cell phone that I can use as a modem to connect to my T-Mobile Data Plan. I'm using Edge at this moment and I know what means slow like hell. So, why to get a iPhone which I can't use to connect my UMPCs. Do not tell me that using the iPhone as browser will substitute my UMPC. That's a dream. I have been there. I have browsed a lot the web in many different Pocket PCs and using many different browsers and nothing compares to the real experience of doing it from your PC, Tablet, Notebook or UMPC. And on top of all this, there is the AT&T factor. I had bad experiences with AT&T in the past and I really do not want to go back. But lets read what Michael says.

The iPhone was a awesome iPod. It really was. But it was a horrible smart phone. My gmail had no folder management. It also had so much trouble syncing with gmail. Sometimes I would get messages, and other times I wouldn’t. The talk volume was so low. There was no way to turn it up either. It was at the highest setting.

Two years contract. I hate that. I paid AT&T 175 dollars a few months ago and I glad I did.

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