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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

tazti -Talk to your UMPC

CaptureMy friend Warner recommended me to check a new program, Tazti, that allows user to search the web using their voice. I tested a long time ago Vista Voice Recognition but it was too much for my Q1. So when he mentioned this program and that it uses the voice recognition engine from Vista I though that it was not going to work in my Q1. Well, I was wrong. I works perfectly in a UMPC. the only thing is that the main screen was not designed thinking in 800x480 so it does not fit to well in that resolution.

Why Use A Keyboard? Speak To Your Computer & Tell It Which Search Engine To Use & What To Search For.

Tazti no only allows you to search the web,it has a group of pre set commands to close windows, open programs, etc. And that's not all, it allows you to create your own commands, for example, I created one using the words My Blog, so, when I say these words Tazti opens for me this page. You can create commands also to open programs something really good.

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